Curative Celebrates Healthcare Heroes During National Locum Tenens Week 2023

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Curative, a leading healthcare staffing firm (em)powered by Doximity, is excited to participate in this year’s National Locum Tenens Week by recognizing industry providers. The celebration is hosted by the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) to provide the healthcare staffing industry with the opportunity to highlight the unwavering contribution of locum tenens providers and recruiters to patient communities nationwide. 

Getting its start in the early 1970s when a federal grant was awarded to the University of Utah to provide staffing services to medically underserved areas, today, locum tenens is used by 90% of U.S healthcare facilities to staff their physician, CRNA, Physician Assistant, and Nurse Practitioner needs. “Today's healthcare system heavily relies on Locum Tenens,” says Jim Stone, President of Locum Tenens at Curative. “[locum tenens] Providers play a pivotal role in maintaining consistent care access for diverse patient communities across the country. Our collaboration with doctors and healthcare establishments is something we deeply value. It's an honor to know that through these collaborations, we've made a positive impact on healthcare in communities nationwide."

Today, almost 50,000 physicians work locum tenens assignments annually, providing care for an estimated 7.5 million Americans every year. Locum tenens has exploded in popularity as an appealing and flexible staffing model – the segment is projected to reach a valuation of over $32.5 billion by 2032. Healthcare organizations continue to rely on locum providers to deliver continuity of care, provide gap coverage, and prevent burnout with their permanent provider workforce. 

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