Hire It Forward: How to Attract Top-Tier Recruits

By: curativetalent

It is a widely held belief in the business community that the number one asset of any company is its people. Similarly, marketing experts agree that the most effective form of advertising is word-of-mouth, otherwise known as an unsolicited endorsement. Most executives can agree that when recruiting talent for the top positions in an organization, networking is crucial at every level.  When attracting the finest new talent to a business, there are three factors that inspire current employees to willingly assist in the effort without even being asked to do so. These essential elements are a long-term employment philosophy, exceptional employee benefits, and a progressive workplace culture.

Brevity Versus Longevity

Providing for the comprehensive needs of employees is a worthwhile expenditure. It is true that cutting back on benefits is an immediate way to save money. In the long run, however, losing staff to competitors who offer better benefits creates greater long-term costs in the recruiting department. A far more prudent strategy is to spend a little more now keeping current staff happy, rather than spending a lot later trying to replace them.

Bolster the Benefits Package

Aside from competitive wages, outstanding benefits is another deciding factor that keeps a valued employee invested in the company. Beyond the scope of standard benefits such as medical insurance, disability insurance, and a retirement plan, there are additional perks that will keep workers focused on their current position. Providing an on-site workout facility can not only create coworker camaraderie, it can also cut down on health insurance premiums because workers are in overall better physical condition. Allotting for time off to serve jury duty, to vote, and to perform military service are other ways to inspire employees to give back to the company when it's time to go the extra mile. Additionally, Dental and vision plans, paid holidays, sick leave and vacation can keep the valued players on the team for the long haul.

Well-being Is Contagious

The core values of a company such as innovation, creativity, communication and transparency, efficiency, excellence, and so forth should be clearly defined and utilized in the daily workplace dialogue. This should start with how supervisors and managers interact with others so that it translates to every level of employment. When employees participate in furthering the underlying philosophy of a company, they are actively participating (investing) in workplace culture. This means that workers are acknowledged regularly and praised when they deserve it -- using language that supports company values. Such a dynamic builds a powerfully palpable workplace environment: the feeling that people are genuinely valued and that they want to be there as much as or even more than they have to be there. Someone who loves where they work will gladly impart that fact to colleagues and industry associates. This sort of endorsement is worth volumes when attracting top-tier talent.

In today's competitive healthcare landscape, all levels of the organization must work together to recruit top-tier talent both for clinical and non-clinical positions.  

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