Introducing the All-New Curative

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Since our acquisition by Doximity in 2020, there’s been a lot of changes here over at Curative. We’ve spent nearly one-and-a-half years working diligently with our parent company to develop, implement and perfect our technology stack, allowing us to intelligently source high quality physician candidates and achieve significantly faster fill times.

With all the buzz we’ve generated with our modern, new-age approach to physician recruiting, we wanted to pull back the curtain and break down how we’re different, and what our relationship with Doximity means to you.

General Questions About Doximity and Curative

So what is Doximity, anyways?

Doximity is the leading online network of medical professionals, with over 80% of U.S. physicians. Physicians use Doximity to stay current on the latest medical news and research, practice telemedicine, network with other physicians and do so much more.

How is Doximity different from a typical physician database?

Physician databases are mostly static, meaning once a physician is added to a database, their information is rarely updated, and thus, often outdated. Doximity, on the other hand, is a dynamic, online network of physicians that’s being refreshed daily.

Since our physician candidates are constantly updating their information, we’re able to accurately identify the most relevant physician placements for your search.

What’s Doximity’s relationship to Curative?

As Doximity’s official physician staffing arm, Curative has exclusive access to Doximity’s physician membership, many of whom are passive candidates. We work hand-in-hand with the engineers at Doximity to create sophisticated candidate sourcing, messaging, and scheduling tools that help us find the right physician for the right job more effectively and efficiently than ever before. 

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What does the rebranding from THMed to Curative mean for my existing contract?

Even though our name has changed, the terms and conditions of your existing contract with us have not. There’s no need to create a new contract, even with our rebranding. 

How We Use Data & Technology to Intelligently Source Candidates

While the technology behind our approach to sourcing candidates is complex, the benefits and impact of our approach are easy to understand. Let’s break down how we use data and technology to source quality candidates and achieve faster fill times.

Targeting Physicians with Accuracy 

We have deeper data on physicians, and are able to target and engage the right physicians for the right opportunities. Leveraging our robust data sets from the Doximity network, we’re able to target candidates with remarkable accuracy, which translates to faster placements for our clients.

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Delivering SMART Job Posts Physicians Actually Engage With

Our job posts are SMART, and unlike anything else in the industry. Our algorithms automatically identify and show your jobs to the most relevant candidates when they are most likely to be interested in changing jobs. We use data science to interpret signals from our network to make better matches over time. For example, say an Internal Med physician that lives in Detroit has been clicking on hospitalist jobs in Indiana. Our technology sees this and then puts Indiana-based hospitalist openings in front of that physician.

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Providing a Curated, Mobile-First Candidate Experience

91% of physicians own a smartphone, and 88% use their mobile devices frequently in a workplace setting. Keeping this in mind, we deliver jobs in mobile-friendly formats, whether it’s the Doximity app, one of the most widely-used apps by physicians in the country, the curated Doximity and Curative email job digests or one of the popular career tools on Doximity – we’ve put in as much effort into how we’re delivering the job posts as we have with who we’re delivering them to.

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Interested in Learning More?

​To learn more about how Curative can help you fill your physician roles more effectively utilizing better data and the latest technology, please visit, or get in touch with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Mehall, at to discuss your hiring needs directly.