Not only is Curative powered by data-driven recruiting, but we also use data to improve how we work. Curative is focused on providing exceptional service to our clients and exceeding customer expectations.  In order to ensure we deliver the best service in the industry, Curative started a partnership with ClearlyRated at the start of 2021 to launch an NPS survey program.  Simply put, the Net Promoter survey methodology asks one question, “How likely are you to recommend Curative to a friend or colleague?” 

Through this survey program, we gain insights as to what clients and customers think, identify service wins and areas of growth, and benchmark our service. We use a data-driven approach to promote client and talent satisfaction. “At Curative, we are committed to providing WOW service. We take client feedback seriously and we are dedicated to exceptional customer experiences,” Jeff Bowling, CEO at Curative.

Since launching the NPS survey program, here are our top three learnings:

  1. Communication is key:  The survey has opened the flow of communication.  We’ve learned that the responses from our clients and candidates, both high and low scores, provide an opportunity for us to continue the conversation with those we serve.  We developed processes internally on how to respond to feedback. The Curative culture views all feedback as a benefit and opportunity to engage and improve.
  2. Review the data: Collecting survey results means we have access to new data. Since at our core Curative is data-driven, we are excited about access to this new information.  Our goal is to focus on the trends and customer experience takeaways.  We’ve incorporated a process for teams to discuss the data, implement ways for continuous improvement internally, and review the survey methodology to ensure we’re collecting the right data.
  3. Superior customer experience is who we are: The NPS implementation team successfully demonstrated the value of the NPS survey program across all levels of the organization.  Each of our employees is interested in hearing what customers have to say, instead of getting hung up on individual responses and scores.  We’ve held internal competitions to brainstorm the best way to respond to surveys and created work-up sessions to make sure Curative provides best-in-class service.

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