Curative Pre-Check: Modernizing Physician Onboarding

By: curativetalent

Physicians interested in exploring locum tenens opportunities have had to navigate the dreaded and overly manual credentialing processes before providing coverage in communities that need care…until now.

Curative, a leading healthcare staffing firm backed by Doximity, has launched Curative Pre-Check, a new digital onboarding platform that streamlines the redundant internal onboarding process – one that helps you skip the line. 

In the past, onboarding was a cumbersome process that required manually filling out pages of paperwork and background information. Curative Pre-Check is the solution to the outdated paper credentialing experience that physicians face regularly – so YOU can get to work faster. 

 I love that the system was able to search databanks and find a lot of my information (DEA, license, etc). It made things A LOT easier and much less time-consuming, especially since I didn't have to upload forms myself which is always such a hassle. The autofill feature was accurate and very helpful as well.

Emergency Medicine Physician, North Carolina

Your Digital Onboarding Experience

Auto-Populate Your Info
Our technology scans public databases to pre-populate your information including licenses, education, residency, DEA, and more.

As a busy clinician, you’ll spend less time getting your credentials in order, which means no more digging for COIs from 10 years ago or waiting on medical malpractice approval for every new opportunity.

Priority Access

Once you’re approved through Curative Pre-Check, you’ll have priority access to new jobs as they become available. Many healthcare facilities now require a physician’s background and medical malpractice history to be confirmed prior to consideration.

When we present you for a job, your pre-checked profile speaks volumes about your professionalism, reliability, and ready-to-work status – making you a more attractive choice. Just like the airport, being pre-checked puts you in the fast lane, ready to move directly to the client’s internal credentialing process without delay.

Portable Profile

After a one-time registration, you’ll have a digital wallet for your credentials, reusable and automatically updated with license, state, and federal databases. This means you don’t have to repeatedly submit the same information, eliminating duplicate work and administrative hassle on your end.

Secure and Protected Data

We take data privacy seriously and only collect what we need to provide you with the best experience possible. With the highest standard of security and compliance, your personal information is never distributed to third parties without your expressed consent. Plus, it’s safeguarded by data encryption technology for maximum security.

Getting Started

You’re just minutes away from your own digital wallet of verified credentials. To start building your digital profile, visit Curative Pre-Check to register.

As a thank-you for their time and effort, physicians who complete their Curative Pre-Check wallet will receive a $100 gift card . We appreciate you partnering with us. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

Pre-Checked physicians have access to nationwide opportunities listed here.