Why Your Organization Should Consider Locum Tenens

By: Meredith Crain

Thousands of hospitals across the U.S. use locum tenens physicians to benefit their organization. “Locum Tenens” is the latin phrase that means “to hold a place” and it holds a lot of different benefits for medical organizations. A newer generation of physicians has changed the norm in a lot of organizations, according to The White Coat Investor, “More recent generations have different views about their lives and careers, leading to a resurgence in locum tenens as an option for part or even all of a career”.

Easing a Burden

In an environment where physician burnout is a very serious issue, locum tenens provides relief to struggling organizations. Locum tenen providers offer a solution to both physician burnout and physician shortages. Definitive Healthcare states that “burnout is associated with higher rates of self-reported medical errors”, meaning both provider and patient well being are at stake. 

Provider Incentive

Incentive exists on both sides of the spectrum for providers. For the existing long-term providers in your organization, they experience the relief of workload distribution and a more flexible schedule. The locum tenens providers receive a change of pace and the opportunity to work with new people and perform new procedures. Retiring providers can see locum tenens as a new opportunity. Still being able to perform the medicine they love while receiving the benefits of working when they want to.

Community Centric

When an organization chooses to use locum tenens, patient care will also improve. Through locum tenens, a wider variety of services and providers will be available for the community to benefit from. Rate of service, and reduction of wait times will prove patient care and quality. This is especially prevalent in rural communities, locum tenens provide the staff organizations need to serve the underserved.

Bottom Line

Locum tenens has numerous benefits for all types of organizations, whether your orthopedic surgeon needs a well deserved vacation or if your organization just needs extra hands in a hectic COVID-19 environment. 

Here at Curative, we combine the heart and hard work of experienced recruiters with the intelligent technology of Doximity, the world’s largest professional medical network. The result: the commitment and ability to find people who care. If you are in need of locum tenens providers, we can help. Please email us at clientsuccess@curativetalent.com.

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